Hi Witches & Warlocks, 

I finally did it. I got a Shopify website. I think it will be good for my shop and for you, my shoppers. 

This pandemic has really made shopping local tough, especially for thrift, vintage and resale. I will be sending emails when I update the website and drop new items as well as when I do eventually have in person shopping events. So go sign up for the email list for updates and special offers.

Remember, you can always book one-on-one shopping appointments to see my collection in full and I will even gather items that you might like and that are your size before hand to make your experience more individual. 

There is a lot going on and I'm super busy behind the scenes so I will try to post updates in this blog as much as possible.

A few things in the works:

1. I'm working on uploading all of my Spring collection this week. Afterwards, I hope to drop approx 10 items each week. 

2. I'm making spells and DIY kits for the upcoming virtual market Pride Not Prejudice Fair. I'm very excited for it. 

3. I am fixing up the spare room in my home as a studio for photographing new items since the shop has poor lighting for photography. 

4. I am always looking for new treasures. If there is something you are searching for let me know your preferences and measurements and I can start searching as well. 


Thnaks so much for reading and supporting my little business. I appreciate you.