In Person Markets Keeping Me busy

Hi, its been a minute. 


Ive been so busy with my kids back to school and trying to organize and attend as many outdoor markets as humanly possible while the weather is beautiful.

That means I haven't had time to update the website until today. But I am so glad I did. 

My autumn stock is all available at In Person Makets right now. I'm so sorry if you dont live in Ottawa or can't attend the makets. If there is something you are looking for, dm me on instagram and I can start looking around for you. I wont be doing any drops until November 4th when I do a Formal wear drop and maybe I'll add some sweaters too. 

Honestly, its a struggle because stock moves so quickly at makets and I always bring my newest stuff. It is very time consuming to post individual unique items online, just to have so many of them sell in a few hours at a market. 

I have been thinking about creating a section of the website that is just stuff I love that I can have a high volume stock of all the time, that always available to you. Its an idea im working on and will keep you updated about. 

Thanks for reading this far and for appreciating what I do, what I collect and why I'm doing it. I appreciate you equally. 

Have a Happy Spooky Season!

xox Aida