Why vintage and my standards for quality

Hello all!

So it's been a week since my site went live and there have been a few hiccups. That is to be expected. I think I have ironed out all the kinks and I continue to drop new items as often as possible and announce it on my insta.

I wanted to write about why I choose vintage and my standards for quality so let's dive in!

I choose vintage because it is sustainable and economical. That's how simple it is for me. Vintage and thrift already exists. There are no new resources being used to manufacture it and prices compare to fast fashion. The End. 


Does it really make a difference to buy vintage and preloved thrift vs new?


It's huge. Even if you buy vintage/thrift just twice a year you are making a difference. Thank you.

I also wanted to write about my standards of quality. My standards are very high. I won't sell something dirty, broken or stained. If I do decide to sell an item that has a condition lower than 8/10 it's a special piece. I will also discribe the issues in detail. I'm not perfect, sometimes I miss something but it is a rare occasion. 

I look at a lot of factors when I decide to resell an item, here are a few I consider.

1. Origin - Where an item was made is a good indication of when it was manufactured. 

2. Quality - Are all the seams, zippers and buttons intact and functional? Are there any imperfections like, rips, tears, stains or pilling and is the elastic functional? Is the fabric durable enough for a modern lifestyle?

3. Longevity - Will the fabric retain it's shape and colour after many washes? Is it easy to wash and wear? How often will someone be able to wear such an item and for how many seasons?

4. Style - Is it a classic, basic or statement piece? Our wardrobes must be versatile and accommodate all types of outings and events. Can the style transcend multiple era's and many types of aesthetic? 

I hate to cut this short, but that's all I have to say today. Talk soon!